What ever happened to Liz Roberts?

Once a rising star, now never seen or heard

Have you seen her ?
 There was a time when LT. gov ” liberal” Liz Roberts seemed like a woman on the move. Then Gina Raimondo entered the scene, and Roberts has gone into deeper hiding then Bobby Deluca. Roberts beat back Jeremy Kapstein in a primary in September 2010, but then seemed to enter into the ” witness protection “program. As John DePetro mentioned on WPRO, even during the blizzard she was nowhere to be seen at EMA headquarters. Roberts put out a release on Chafee becoming a democrat, but it was as “vanilla” as Senator Whitehouse in South Providence. Roberts has the right last name, the title, and money. So what happened? Gina Raimondo. Gina has the money, confidence and star power ” Liberal Liz” could only dream about. Raimondo remains the favorite to be the next Governor of Rhode Island.
The real rising star