D-Day for Deborah Gist

Education Commissioner has not back down to union thugs

Board set to vote June 6, D-Day

Her contract is up Friday June 7

The state must keep her
The teachers unions in Rhode Island have bullied and rallied all union hacks to oppose Deborah Gist remaining as the education commissioner. Prior to Gist, Rhode Island  public schools were “a race to the bottom ” ,with the most expensive (yet under performing )school system in America. Gist has tried to make teachers accountable for lack of performance in the classroom and math scores that were below that of a third world nation. The teachers union in Rhode Island is all about greed and not about teaching children. Gist has brought leadership and attempted to lift the standards for all the schools. It would be refreshing if Governor Gump could  step forward and demonstrate half the courage and leadership Gist has displayed.
 Public schools in Rhode Island are controlled by union hacks as opposed to educators. Although many good teachers have told DePetro.com they are bogged down with endless paperwork that they must fill out. Liberal elitist even took  a mock NECAP exam and claimed students in school should not be tested! John DePetro has said they should work to make it easier for good teachers, and weed many bad teachers out. Gist must work to bring the good teachers to her side .
 All people who believe in a better education system should support Deborah Gist, and say no to the corruption and greed of the teachers unions.

Fire them