Flashback : Comrade Kerr defended teen drinking

Kerr first wrote teen drinking was not a big story

Kerr switched and admitted teen drinking was a big deal

Comrade Bob Kerr of the Providence Journal wrote a column last summer where he defended the underage drinking party held by the son of Governor Gump. To Kerr it was ” silly” for people to be concerned a young girl passed out and was tossed from the Chafee property like used ” trash”. John DePetro blasted Kerr on the radio for such an irresponsible attitude involving teen drinking and driving. Kerr than turned on a dime when the son of  Senator Whitehouse was hit with a DUI, claiming ” their luck” had run out. Luck? Kerr has a pattern of mocking anyone who listens to talk radio and disagree’s with his view point. Much like his hero John Kerry, he flip flops on all topics.

celeb Gump defended by the comrade

Kerr defends teen drinking 
Kerr defends underage drinking

Kerr switches back condemning teen drinking

comrade Kerr  switches to ” teen drinking is a problem”