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John DePetro

Support the causes of Make a donation if you can, or at least sign up as a supporter/ follower which is free. Look at this page and the meaning. Do not let the politically correct crowd win. Rhode Island could be a great state for vacation,good jobs,strong families, and great opportunity. It could be host to summer weddings,unique sailing events,big music shows and great restaurants which  would become the core  of New England. It could be a place where people from Maine, Conneticut ,Massachusetts ,Vermont ,New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York come to visit and want to stay. A place where business people want to move their company and family, to live and send their children to school. Instead it is a state being run by union greed, selfish leaders, and activist who  are destroying communities. We need strong retail, innovative internet companies, and a friendly business climate. We have a great fan base for baseball,football,basketball and hockey, and need that enthusiasm for turning things around . We have a casino and respectable nightlife and small theaters . We need to support the colleges and continue to grow in education. We have good golf courses and great sailing off of Newport. But the wrong side is winning the battle.
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