Video: Columbus day on the highway

They came back. Have protest and will block the highway. Protesters did again make it onto the highway however this time they did not march but took a UHAUL. Last night sometime around 8:40,  a UHAUL pulled up to the Providence train station with 10 to 15 protesters inside with shields and clubs. They communicated with a small group that had gathered at the State House across from the mall. There were no state police cars on site but at least two police were spotted in unmarked cars. Instead of marching up the highway ramp like they did last month, they pulled up to the highway in a Uhaul, and with the aid of a few other vehicles once again blocked 95 and set off fireworks and flares. The protesters continue to destroy the city of Providence while Mayor Elorza remains silent. Are these really protesters? Blocking traffic on the highway? Many on social media try to provide them special privileges saying protesters should never have their identity known to the public even after they are arrested. Where is the driver of the car that helped the Uhaul? Will the media continue to let the leaders hide in plain sight? They continue to make fools out of state police who are in charge of the highways. The groups use different names but it is essentially the same group of protesters each time. The protesters even have their own embedded correspondence who always attempt to portray them in a positive light.

where is the driver of this car?