Exclusive Video: Providence Place Mall fight, stabbing, murder

Cabral charged with murder

Warning: graphic video of violence. Exclusive: DePetro.com has obtained an exclusive video that shows the fight leading to the stabbing death of ” Zeke” Nazzique Hernandez of Providence Thursday, September 17, 2020, at the Providence Place Mall. Ricky Hilario Cabral has charged with the murder. The fight was seemly between the Providence gangs GMF from South Providence against members of  Lakeside of Silver Lake. The video shows the altercation starting outside Johnny Rockets at the part of the foodcourt area closest to the mall area on the third floor. These are several individuals (behind the white pillar) blocking the path of one of the individuals. The war of words quickly turns into a deadly fight. The murder has sparked a violent gang war in Providence.


Zeke stabbed to death