Defund the police protesters threatening to kill pets of cops

How low will they go? The radical, progressive, degenerate Defund the Police movement is now encouraging members to kill pets of police officers and elected officials. The Defund the Police group in Providence has been very violent and active all summer from being a major part of the riot to violent state house rallies. Several local members have been arrested and accused of assaulting police, weapons possession, vandalism,  disorderly conduct, and theft. The Defund the Police group has shown up to protest at the homes of Governor Raimondo, Mayor Elorza, and Councilman Iggilozzi and they are loud while shouting obscene language at police and neighbors. The group was recently called out for lying about the position of a member of the city council, but they have a true ally with Kat  Kirwin.

Defund the Police members brag on-line of next targeting pets of Police. At the recent brawl at the Providence Public safety complex, protesters assaulted an elderly woman and her dog. The media refused to report on the incident because the dog survived the attack. All police should be on alert.