Rhode Islanders spring 20 (song and video)

I hope you enjoy this song and video meant to add a little humor to our shared experience of living in the smallest state during the pandemic in the spring of 2020. People often talk about Rhode Island but this was a time of being a Rhode Islander.  I came up with the concept for the song and video and put up a post on FaceBook looking for someone that might sing it and received over 50 responses. There are many talented people who expressed interest but settled on Nicholas ( from my hometown of Cranston) and Cat Carrick. Nicholas sings, plays guitar, and mixed the song. Cat has a gifted voice and is magnetic on camera. This video would not be possible without the great Sal Abbruzzese, and his unparalleled wit, humor, and video skills. Thanks to all the people on the front lines who work to keep us safe. We mourn the lives of people lost and cherish the lives of people saved.

John DePetro

May 3, 2020


  • Rhode Islanders Spring 20
  • Written by John DePetro
  • Parody of Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah”
  • Lyrics
  • Well, March was the strangest month,
  • We were Watching the friars at the dunk,
  • When suddenly the guv delivered a message to ya,
  • I need you all to stay at home,
  • No school, no work, in this hot zone,
  • A virus hit Rhode Island called corona,
  • called corona,
  • So become a loner,
  • And talk by phoner,
  • Cuz we” re Rhode Islanders
  • Quarantine is the name of the game,
  • With long hair and weight gain,
  • liquor stores will gladly serve right to ya,
  • Each day the same nightmare,
  • working from home in my underwear,
  • If you want to see me I can just zoom-a,
  • Hallelujah,
  • pasta with tuna,
  • Getting big like Buddha,
  • Cuz we” re Rhode Islanders
  • Doctor Scott says not to fear,
  • Smiley stands with no chair,
  • Margie reads questions between 1 and 2-a
  • New Yorkers invaded the four -0-one,
  • But Gina had them on the run,
  • Saying knock it off or I’ll put the screws right to ya,
  • hallelujah,
  • reed got a billion two-ya,
  • we need moola,
  • Cuz we” re Rhode Islanders,
  • We look like Tom Hanks in castaway,
  • Tom Brady left for Tampa bay,
  • Teachers said kids we can distance school-ya,
  • Woonsocket to Westerly,
  • We’re one big distanced family,
  • Easter bunny wore a mask hopping to ya,
  • Hallelujah,
  • Rhody made it thru ya,
  • All workers shout out to ya
  • Cuz we” re Rhode Islanders
Based on song “ hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.
Parody lyrics /video concept /footage shot/Executive Producer :John DePetro .
Video engineer/ creative/ Producer :Sal Abbruzzese
Music performed by Nick Gosselin and Cat Carrick
Mixed by Nick Gosselin
Nick Gosselin of Avocado Heist , Instagram @avocadoheist
Cat Carrick aka Bobcat Instagram @bob_cat_66
Video is property of DePetro.com