Exclusive: Will Speaker Mattiello be indicted and forced from office?

heavy is the head that wears the crown

I will stick an enema up their ass!” -Speaker Nick Mattiello December 2019.

The grand jury begins on the criminal actions of Speaker Nick Mattiello and all signs point to the Speaker being indicted. Attorney General Peter Neronha has clearly signaled there is a new sheriff in town who is neither fond of Mattiello or intimidated by his crime family. Neronha summoned the media in an unusual move last week to make it very clear he is all business and (reading between the lines) Neronha would not convene a grand jury against the powerful Speaker unless he was certain of the outcome. Neronha also announced he “will never” seek the office of Governor as a preemptive strike against claims by Mattiello or the Projo he is driven by political ambition. Sources say Mattiello ( the target of the grand jury) remains defiant and in denial that his reign of Speaker is on life-support. Reliable sources say various powerful individuals have reached out to Mattiello in recent days (out of courtesy) but he refuses to listen to reason that he prepare to step down. Senate President Ruggerio reportedly met with Mattiello to explain he would withdraw support for the Speaker when the indictment is handed down but the Speaker reportedly told him he is prepared to fight the indictment.

AG Peter Neronha
new sheriff

Meanwhile, sources say Mattiello has become paranoid that his staff may tell the truth to the grand jury. Mattiello crime family members Leo Skenyon and Frank Montanaro are reportedly in a panic over committing perjury while noticing the Speaker has become a nervous wreck calling them every hour and at all hours of the day and night. When Speaker Mattiello is indicted, his support will crumble,  he will be forced from office within 72 hours and a new Speaker will emerge.

Leo the liar
will he commit perjury?

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