Is Gina Raimondo the Hillary of Rhode Island?


Never have the people of Rhode Island hated an elected leader as much as people loath  Governor Gina Raimondo. Gina, who has been in hiding for the past 7 weeks, has proven to be possibly the slimiest public official the state has ever seen. Raimondo has proven to be an ego maniac who travels the country raising money for herself while telling lies about her term in office. 

While 25 children died under her care in DCYF, Gina sipped white wine in Silicon Valley. While thousands of people went without food or benefits under the disaster of UHIP, Gina raised money for herself in New York. Never has the state seen such a selfish Governor who only cares about herself and frowns on the “little people.” Raimondo has also surrounded herself with the most arrogant, obnoxious group of entitled brats the state house has ever seen. Raimondo, who often brags she is the smartest person to ever come out of Rhode Island, has a Hillary Clinton quality to her which is sneaky and unlikable. Will Gina suffer the same fate Hillary did on election day? Listen to the John DePetro radio show for all the details.