Raimondo and Elorza turn Providence into a sanctuary city for child molesters and child rapist


The sanctuary city of Providence for illegal aliens becomes the sanctuary city for child rapist. Neighbors in the Washington Park section of Providence were stunned to find that not only is convicted child rapist Richard Gardner now living in their family neighborhood but that Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza will provide Gardner with two (24/7) taxpayer funded Providence police bodyguards.

Richard Gardner 

 Gardner spent 30 years behind bars and has chosen Providence as his new home due to the lawlessness created by Raimondo and Elorza. 

Raimondo has an extreme progressive liberal agenda which limits police ability to enforce the law, and has endorsed Mayor Elorza.  Elorza runs a sanctuary city, wants to abolish ICE, allows panhandling and has proceeded to run Providence into the ground. Would Gina Raimondo have this sick monster living near her on the East Side? Raimondo has not improved public education and is responsible for the deaths of 19 children under her care in DCYF over the past two years. 

Elorza has watched schools crumble and the city just finished a two week bus strike which resulted in children unable to get to school and 8 school buses torched by disgruntled union members.  Now a convicted child rapist moves into a neighborhood and is supplied with two police bodyguards. Follow the John DePetro radio show for the latest.