Raimondo campaign bombshell: Gina promises illegals will get a Rhode Island drivers licence


Progressive campaign sources say Governor Gina Raimondo is promising Latino groups that in her next four years she will sign an Executive order providing Illegal aliens with a Rhode Island drivers license. Sources say Raimondo has promised that if she get voter support for a second term, she will work to make Rhode Island the most Progressive state in the country. Apparently Latino voters feel betrayed that Gina did not fulfill her campaign promise to them and 2014 and are reluctant to support her this time around.

 Raimondo has explained she needed to make it through her first term as Governor, but if reelected in November, she is ready to sign an immediate Executive Order granting all illegals a drivers license.

Give Gina a shot at another four years?

Raimondo has also told Progressives she would like to restrict gun ownership and make other changes during her final four years. If the Governor wins in November, she will be term limited out and can not run again for Governor in 2022. Raimondo is reportedly making promises to all groups that she will “finally be free to make Rhode Island the Progressive capitol.”Many Progressive activist are still upset with Matt Brown losing in the Primary, and have threatened to stay home on election day.  The Raimondo campaign have countered by making all kinds of promises if she can win in November. Listen to the John DePetro Radio show weekdays on AM 1380 and 99.9 FM.