Does Rhode Island want Raimondo for 4 more years?


Will the Queen remain in power? The Raimondo campaign machine was in full gear on primary day with Governor Gina Raimondo rolling over Matt Brown to move on to the general election with Cranston Mayor Allen Fung. Raimondo was forced to spend $4.7 million to defeat Matt Brown who spent $300,00, announced in April, and lived outside the state for 5 years. Brown pulled within single digits of Gina, but he was unable to respond when Raimondo blasted him with attack ads on TV and with mailers. 

bridge problems?

Despite low approval ratings and a long list of mistakes, the Raimondo campaign delivered with the most expensive ground game the state has ever seen and turned a tight race into a blowout. Raimondo paid staffers even had a slew of mail ballots ready just in case Brown got close. Raimondo refused to debate Brown and instead set her sights on the November election and a rematch with Mayor Fung. Despite her critics, the Gov is 4-0 with elections and continues to raise money at a record setting pace while getting around 66,000 total votes. 

Will the voters give her four more years? Listen to the John DePetro radio show for election 2018.