Could Spencer Dickinson help Gina win the Democrat Primary?



Matt Brown is closing in on Governor Gina Raimondo with the possibility of beating her in the Democrat primary September 12. Brown now seems to have one obstacle in the race and it is Spencer Dickinson. Raimondo has watched as her polling numbers have collapsed and all momentum is breaking towards Matt Brown. The biggest problem for Matt Brown is Spencer Dickinson remains in the race with his 5% of the vote.

Dickerson has no chance of winning the primary and is polling around 5%, but that 5% could be the difference for Matt Brown. Can’t Brown get Dickerson to leave the race and throw his support to Brown? Democrat sources say Dickinson feels this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to him in his life and is caught up in the novelty of being interviewed and being on TV. Another Democrat source said,” if Brown cannot convince Spencer to leave the race than Matt does not deserve to beat Gina.” 

Team Raimondo is in a panic as Brown as now moved within the margin of error in polling. Another factor is the number of Independent voters who want to vote in the Democrat primary to vote against Gina and that is a tough number to poll. Can Matt Brown beat Gina in the primary? Will Dickerson pulled out of the race and throw support behind Brown? Listen to the John DePetro Show weekdays on AM 1380.