Could the Gano street debacle lose the election for Raimondo?

The Gano Street Debacle Nightmare

  The Raimondo administration made the decision with the state DOT to close the Gano street exit and begin a 18 month project on 195 and the Washington Bridge. Huh? The decision has turned into a life-changing nightmare for commuters and it is only day 4. The project is delaying drivers over an hour during the  morning commute and things will get worse with back to school.

Dancing Queena

 Drivers coming from Barrington and Bristol have found the 15 minute commute to Providence has become an hour and 20 minutes. Drivers coming into Rhode Island from Seekonk and Fall River have added 75 minutes extra to their commute. It is August 2018 and this project is expected to continue until Spring of 2020. When asked about the delay of drivers, Governor Raimondo appeared unaware and unconcerned about the drivers having commutes worse than New York City and Boston.

 The state DOT has advised drivers to seek “alternate routes” but it is a bridge and the city of Providence has construction all over the East Side. Who in their right mind would order this project with an election coming up in November? Wait for it.. Gina Raimondo. In what could be her biggest screw up to date, “the Gov” has added another level of moronic decisions. The Gano street debacle has come on the heels of the state losing the Pawsox due to poor political leadership from Raimondo. Perhaps DOT read the wrong map and the plan was to try and prevent the Pawsox from leaving by clogging the roads? Wrong bridge.

 Watch the poll numbers for Raimondo in the East bay. How long will the delays be in the snow? Ice? This horrendous decision could cost Raimondo the election because it is an issue that is easy to understand and effects the quality of life for voters. Follow for the latest on the Gano street debacle.