Governor Raimondo announces “greetings from beach meetings”


The Gov is ready to mingle with the little people. Governor Gina Raimondo has brought back “beach campaigning” in the form of “beach meetings” during work hours( Gina may get an earful since Rhode Islanders have been complaining louder than ever this year about the failed “carry on,carry home”  trash policy of people expected to drag their dirty trash home with them in a plastic garbage bag. 

Raimondo finds herself  in the political fight of her life as her Progressive primary challenger Matt Brown continues to gain ground on the fundraising queen. It seems a little “tone deaf” for the Gov to hang at the beach while UHIP remains a mess, a new state police screw up, she is neck deep in a “pay to play” scheme, and CNBC ranks the state the 5th worst in the nation to do business.  Gina is desperate to try and connect with voters, even if it means in the seaweed and sand. Raimondo keeps watching her polling numbers go down and a feeling of “ABG”(anybody but Gina) seems to be the mood of  2018. Raimondo has become the most hated politician the state has seen since Governor Sundlun closed the credit unions. 

The clock is ticking on what could be the final months of the Raimondo “Reign of error.” The real show will be during the debates when Gina will be forced to defend her failure as governor and relentless fundraising. Listen to the John DePetro Radio show for the latest on Campaign 2018.