Raimondo meltdown 2018

 It was a shocking week for Governor Gina Raimondo and her allies as both the Trump campaign and Progressives notched victories that threatened her political future. On Sunday night, challenger Matt Brown tore into Raimondo at the Democrat convention leaving her fit to be tied and in a full meltdown. Sources at the event say they have never seen Raimondo so angry as she screamed at her staff at the end of the night. 

President Trump and John DePetro

Brown stole the show and demonstrated he is neither afraid of “Queena” or intimidated by her and her political machine. Raimondo could not believe her staff let Brown mock her and become the story of the night. Friends of the Governor said she went off script and they had never her seen her unravel on what should have been a night of celebration. Tuesday saw a progressive unknown beat a Raimondo type democrat in New York, giving the socialist progressives more momentum. The Supreme Court ruled against Labor Unions stealing dues from it’s members, dealing another blow to the democrat party. Trump and the Progressives are winning and Gina and the old style democrat party is fading. 

A Democrat source revealed polling numbers for Matt Brown continue to rise, while polling numbers for Raimondo continue to fall. Gina continues to proclaim that all is well yet democrats are starting to realize Matt Brown can beat her in the September primary. For election 2018, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.