Raimondo campaign sinking


The month of June is off to a roaring start as the Governor  Raimondo campaign is plunging faster then the 195 sinkhole. In a matter of 7 days, the 7th least popular Governor in the nation as been dealing with crisis of gigantic proportions. June was suppose to be the official kick-off of her reelection campaign but it has turned into a nightmare scenario for team Gina. Raimondo and her staff have made terrible sloppy mistakes which can not happen if you promise to run an efficient operation. If you don’t have charisma in politics then you need to run as the candidate that “dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.”Right now, Raimondo has neither. Her defenders say,” in person she is very likable” which is a code for poor approval numbers. Unless the Governor plans to meet with every voter in person, she seems better suited to run a condo board. The Titanic was called the “Queen of the Ocean” and right now the campaign of the  “Queen of Ocean State” is going under. Voters are tired of the endless self promotion and non-stop fundraising trips out of state. Certain members of the press note that Raimondo is “well thought of outside the state,” but that is like the relatives who see a problem nephew or niece at the holidays and say the “kid seems great” while the parents are at the end of their rope.

Last week a sinkhole developed on 195 during the afternoon commute which became a commuter nightmare as DOT had to close the highway. Raimondo announced her dream for a 2nd term and unveiled a slick produced TV spot designed to pretend “Queena” has turned the state around. Friday began with Raimondo expressing her support for the new Pawsox stadium, admitting there was “risk to the state” which contradicted what the Speaker had said. News hit over the weekend of a massive screw-up at DHS resulting in a possible $24 million dollar email mistake. The Governor hid from the media all day Monday as the crisis worsened by the hour, finally to turn up at 6:20 Monday night  during the evening news. Where was the missing Raimondo all day? Campaigning at a senior center in North Providence. 

News continues to develop that apparently being hired by the state as “senior legal counsel” does not require one to actually be able to practice law in Rhode Island. Raimondo has no public events scheduled for the week but instead plans to head to NYC to collect even more campaign cash. The Projo reported “the Gov”has been out of state for 90 days campaigning around the country in the past 17 months, instead of fixing problems in Rhode Island. DHS has become a weekly reminder of incompetence from the administration going on 2 years. Handing out free tuition at CCRI, banning bump-stocks and being ” a mom” is falling on deaf ears for anyone paying attention. Where is Brett Smiley? What is going on at DHS? Where is the bottom? Why are people hired as lawyers who cannot practice law? Who wants 4 more years of this? And now, here come the tolls! To find out what is really going on, tune into the John DePetro Radio show now at a new time and place on the dial.