Raimondo goes all out on guns


What do you do when you have low approval ratings, no success story, and you want four more years as Governor? You run against guns. Governor Gina Raimondo finds guns will be  her issue with 8 months before the election and it is an issue she will ride until November. Raimondo has grabbed the “enough is enough” line and will scream it until the polls close. Voters will hear about “keeping kids safe” and “I had to do something.” The election is now not “Gina vs. Fung/Morgan” but “Gina takes on the NRA.”

 A school shooting controversy is the issue Raimondo has been searching for to connect with Independent female voters. The gun issue will make the GOP primary even harder with Morgan pulling Fung to the right. Rebuilding schools and school safety will become dominant issues for campaign 2018. Listen to the John DePetro Show now heard on 99.9 FM.