Raimondo War on Christmas 2017: How the Gina-RINCH stole Christmas and killed our tree

There is no joy in “Who do you know-ville.” Like the ghost of Christmas past, Governor Raimondo has killed the Statehouse Christmas tree and will not replace it.

 It was bad enough Governor “Queena” Raimondo made our Christmas tree to resemble the Big Blue Bug, but now they have killed the Christmas tree with no plans to replace it. If only the tree had made a donation to her campaign it may still be alive. The UHIP crisis has now touched our Christmas tree.

 Sign the petition on change.org https://www.change.org/p/rhode-island-governor-gina-raimondo-governor-gina-raimondo-replace-the-dead-rhode-island-statehouse-christmas-tree and send a message to the Governor.

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