Governor Raimondo sends message to President Trump with “Blue” Rhode Island Christmas Tree

Raimondo send a message to Trump

 “It will be a Blue Christmas because of you.” 

 “We will be so Blue, thinking about you.”

not green but blue

 How depressed is Democrat Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo over the Trump Presidency this Christmas season? The liberal, progressive Rhode Island Governor has chosen to send a protest message to President Trump that even the Rhode Island State House Christmas Tree is “Blue”this year. Raimondo, who proudly proclaims Rhode Island is a Democrat “Blue state,” has chosen to inject politics this year into the decorations of the State House spruce. Governor Raimondo refused to hide her disgust after the election when she chose to boycott the Trump Inauguration back in January. This week Raimondo went out of her way to slam President Trump on any suggestion his policy on hiring American workers helped the state obtain 500 jobs by attracting Infosys. One democrat source explained the blue Christmas tree was a double message that Rhode Island is a “blue state” and Rhode Islanders are “feeling blue” with President Trump. A recent poll found Governor Raimondo with a lower approval rating than President Trump in Rhode Island.

  Could it also be a “Hanukkah tree?’ Is this the new progressive way to neutralize Christmas? 

President Trump with John DePetro in Rhode Island
the blue state

Raimondo was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter who had planned to leave Rhode Island last November and go to work in Washington with President Hillary Clinton. Instead, Raimondo finds herself fighting for another four years as Governor with low approval ratings and a dismal job performance, making it unlikely she will win another term in 2018. Sources say progressives were “giddy” at the tree lighting and laughing about sending a message to the White House and saying “it looks like the big blue bug, plus keeps many progressive voters happy.”


 This is not the first time Rhode Island has faced controversy surrounding the State House Christmas Tree. Governor Linc Chafee refused to call it a “Christmas Tree,” and insisted it was a “holiday tree.” Chafee decided not to run for a second term for Governor in 2014 due to a 20% approval rating and instead ran for President where he was polling at 1% leading up to the Democrat primary. Chafee ran his presidential campaign focusing on the metric system. 

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