State Police Assumpico refuses to reveal details surrounding Providence deadly shooting

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 Rhode Island State Police Colonel Ann Assumpico still refuses to reveal key details regarding the stolen state police cruiser and the troopers involved in the deadly shooting that occurred Thursday in Providence. While Providence police released the names of the officers involved and provide a complete narrative of their actions, Assumpico refused even the most basic details citing an ” ongoing investigation.” Providence police held a Friday press conference answering extensive questions from the media, while state police chose a Saturday morning briefing that tried to focus on the capture of the fugitive. 

Law enforcement sources claim Governor Raimondo advised Colonel Assumpico not to hold any presser until fugitive  Donald Morgan was caught. Morgan was captured last night in Cumberland, two days after he sped off in a state police cruiser setting off a massive manhunt. Sources in Providence City hall claim Raimondo was furious Mayor Elorza allowed his police to hold the late Friday press briefing but it was to no avail. Elorza did not attend the police briefing on the shooting but instead went to Comic Con. 

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Many questions remain that Col. Assumpico refused to answer at her Saturday briefing. Who was the trooper driving the cruiser when it was stolen? Who were the troopers involved with the shooting? What time did she find out the incident happened? Why did she not attend Providence police presser? Why was she not in uniform Thursday at noon at the initial press briefing? Why did she wait until after they captured the fugitive to contact the media? What does it say about her management style that this happened under her watch for the first time in the history of the state police? Does she still feel “diversity” is the single most important aspect of the state police over training and safety? Why don’t cruisers have cages like other police vehicles? Was it a mistake to handcuff his hands in the front?

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