Is this the final year of the Raimondo “Reign of Error?”

Reign of error

Could this be the end of “Queena” Raimondo? November 6, 2018 is election day and it could be the end of the Raimondo “Reign of error.”Rhode Island has not witnessed such  unprecedented incompetence since Mayor Cianci during the blizzard of 1978.  The smartest woman in the state has turned  Rhode Island into a giant computer glitch. The Raimondo team is so asleep at the switch they failed to hold one press conference from EMA while more than half the state had no power. That was a real emergency, yet “the Gov” was nowhere to be seen.

birds of a feather

 The Governor has low-approval ratings and a staff that rivals the Washington Generals. Cooler and Warmer, tolls, UHIP,the DMV, no power with National “Greed,”no Pawsox stadium, no cranes in the sky, and accusations of  “sex for legislation.” The real Raimondo achievement seems to be $3 million in campaign donations. What a record to run on. Four more years? Can we survive four more months? Listen to the John DePetro Radio show and follow