Exclusive: Providence Mayor Elorza refuses to have American flag behind him on MSNBC

no American flag?

In a disgracefully appearance on MSNBC on Sunday April 2, 2017, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza refused to have the American flag behind him while proudly announcing Providence a ” sanctuary city” for illegal aliens. As the photos prove ( plus the video,) Elorza (or his staff) had the American flag removed behind him from the studio used near Hope high school in Providence. Elorza did wear the ridiculous orange “P” pin which looks like a symbol for ” parking.”

John DePetro with both flags

Radio talk show host John DePetro has used the same studio numerous times while appearing on FOX, CNN, and MSNBC,  and has had both the American flag and Rhode Island flag behind him in the background. ” There is no way with Elorza that is an accident,” said DePetro. ” I know for a fact that when a politician is booked for the studio, they automatically place the American flag in the background. Mayor Elorza must have requested the flag be removed for whatever reason,” said DePetro.

no flags

 Elorza was asked to appear on MSNBC because he continues to defy federal law proclaiming Providence a sanctuary city that welcomes illegal aliens. Mayor Elorza has incredibly low approval ratings while Providence continues a slide towards bankruptcy. Elorza continues to welcome panhandlers and illegals into the city of Providence.

John DePetro on CNN

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