Can Trump win Rhode Island?

Can he win?

Have you ever seen more political signs for a Republican Presidential candidate in the ocean state? Trump signs are  everywhere in Rhode Island, where the voters are tired of the corruption and greed of Hillary and her allies. The mood among voters in the state is ” angry,” and voters are rejecting the Clinton message from Westerly to Woonsocket. Governor Gina Raimondo is very lucky she is not running this year or her political career would be doomed. “Queena” has a 70% disapproval rating and not one Democrat has asked her to campaign with them or used her photo on a flyer.  People want real change and are more than willing to gamble with a Trump administration over the corruption of Hillary. In Rhode Island, lack of transparency, greed, and ” pay to play” politics are a theme that has haunted Smith Hill forever. Illegals, insider deals, corrupt government officials, and high taxes have traditional Democrat voters leaning towards Trump. Follow all the election coverage on the John DePetro show on WPRO.

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