Ocean state job killer

The Rhode Island GOP came up with the line about  Governor Gina Raimondo that best sums up the toll debate. As much as the governor thinks her toll bill will be good for business, Ocean State Job Lot proclaimed loud and clear that the tolls will hurt business. The toll bill is all about creating a separate revenue source for unions to pave the roads and fix the bridges forever. The money from the tolls will go directly to the unions for a  road construction job that will never end. The unions will then turn around and donate to the campaign of ” Queena” Raimondo. The toll bill has nothing to with making the state ” business friendly,” and everything to do with providing the unions their own source of money. What will the speaker get in return for the toll bill?  There is big money to  be made off the legal fees surrounding the tolls and the local cities and towns. The toll bill is a pivotal moment for Raimondo. Listen to John DePetro on WPRO radio weekdays from 9-12noon.