Exclusive : WJAR CH 10 Coletta suspended over ” lewd gesture” to co-anchor

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Morning Sunrise 

Sources inside WJAR-TV Channel 10 confirm  ” Morning Sunrise”  veteran anchor Frank Coletta was taken off the air and suspended last week after several complaints regarding his “inappropriate behavior” from his new co-anchor Alison Bologna. Sources say the final straw was Coletta allegedly ” simulating masturbation “under the desk ( while live on -air) and ignoring Bologna’s request to stop the lewd behavior. WJAR sources say  Bologna had gone to news director Chris Lanni on several occasions over the past month to complain of crude language and  inappropriate remarks made by Coletta since the two began working together on the morning program in late August. “Alison went to Chris and complained about Frank’s language and was promised by management it would be handled,” according to one source. Sources say as Bologna was promoting  a story” you will see only on 10,”  Coletta began mocking the station self promotion by simulating male masturbation under the news desk. Sources say Bologna later angrily demand Coletta stop but he allegedly ignored her request and repeated the gesture.  It is important to note that while anyone can make allegations, WJAR found sufficient cause to suspend Coletta, who served his one week suspension and returned this week. WJAR is a union shop, the complaints were registered and the one week suspension was handed down. One news source said,” this is it for Frank. One more misstep and he is history. Meanwhile, the tension on the set is visible for all to see. ” This story is still developing….