State Police questioned Fung over possible extortion

The actions of Cranston Mayor Allan Fung were so puzzling to members of the Rhode Island state police investigating the  ticket blitz ordered by Captain Stephen Antonucci, that troopers asked Fung if he was a victim of extortion by Antonucci ,according to sources close to the investigation. ” We asked Mayor Fung point blank,” is he blackmailing you? Is he extorting you? We will bring charges against Antonucci if he is,” said a RISP source. Fung denied to the state police that he was a victim of extortion, yet his actions raised eyebrows amount investigators.  Fung requested troopers investigate his police force, yet allegedly  proceeded to block them at every turn. State police fingered Captain Antonucci as the person who ordered the ticket blitz and recommended he be fired. Antonucci lost three consecutive challenges in court, and the city was on the path to successfully have him fired. Yet Mayor Fung tried to secretly bring Antonucci back to the force and has butted heads with officials trying to have him removed. Fung recently agreed to pay Antonucci $250,000 to stay home, and grant him a pension worth close to $3,000,000, allowing him to resign instead. Antonucci and his family long supported Fung and have donated to his campaign for years. State police sources say there seems to be more than just loyalty involved with Mayor Fung and his crooked Captain. One source said,” there is something there, but it is known only to Fung and Antonucci.” If this were true, it would not be the first time Fung was blackmailed. Fung was  secretly involved in a fatal car accident when he was in college, a secret ( sources claim) that  Cranston police used to manipulate him for years. The details of the accident were made public after Fung announced he was running for governor, and he was forced to answer question regarding it. Sources also say when the full  investigation report is released, it will portray Mayor Fung in a very poor light.