Fox to become Speaker of the “big” house

It was all tears on the steps of the court house as Gordon Fox admitted he was the liar and crook we all knew him to be. Grief couselors were sent over to Rhode Island NPR as word spread of the shame of the former speaker. Scott MacKay had to watch in disbelief as his hero Gordon admitted it was all true and he would be headed to prison. It is freighting that a moron like Fox(  who accepted bribes by check), was the most powerful person in the state and was running things with Governor Gump. Is it any wonder the state is a disaster? The liberal media covered for the crooked Fox as long as they could, proudly defending his bravery as an ” openly gay minority.” The progressives chose to ignore countless stories of bribes and shakedowns by Fox, and instead commended him for his progressive beliefs and liberal agenda. Fox was famous for screaming at Governor Carieri for trying to put ” lipstick on a pig,” but the FBI found the greedy pig was Fox himself. Fox was a lazy lawyer who preferred shopping at Tiffanys than working  long hours in court on South Main Street. Follow for the latest.