State police called into Mollis office :Secretary of Sleep

Mollis : Secretary of slee

Is Mollis corrupt or incompetent ?

North Providence no stranger to corruption.

Secretary of State asleep at the switch.

Mollis ” unaware” Corso grabbing $50,000 a month.

Welcome to North Providence

Stop me if you have heard this before : a politician from North Providence caught up in a corruption probe. From the people who gave us Sal Mancini, comes Ralph Mollis. Mollis under fire.  CH 12 uncovers the lobbyist for 38 Studios was unregistered, yet grabbed $50 Grand a month. Hello? Mollis had no answers yet the state police are prepared to move in begin the investigation of the Mollis office. Mollis, former Mayor of North Providence, has been asleep at the switch as lobbyist run amuck on Smith Hill. Mollis has never fined anyone, and cannot keep track of people grabbing $300,000 a year. Hello? Mollis is currently running for an even more useless position, LT Governor, yet he faces many questions regarding his time as Secretary of State. The Gordon Fox probe expands and once again the police are back on Smith Hill. The FBI should open an office at the state house and the Feds should build a prison wing for North Providence pols. Follow for the latest.