Final days of Chafee

DR Gump

It is almost over. How does it feel having Linc Chafee as governor? The feeling of having the stomach bug,  plus you feel hung-over and have the flu. Except 10 times worse. People around the state are counting down the final days of what has felt like a ” hostage situation” for the past 4 years under the ” Governor Gump” reign of disaster. Chafee is finishing up what has been the worst performance of any modern-day leader, with the state basically tied with Hatiti as the worst run island. It is only fitting that Chafee finish in December since it is the ” Holiday tree” that he will be most remembered for. Apparently Governor Chafee enjoyed giving a boost to Fox News this time of year to demonstrate to the entire country he did not have the slightest clue as to what he was talking about. North Korea is seen as having a friendlier business climate than Rhode Island and it is no wonder the state has led the nation with the highest unemployment.  Four more years? No chance. The joke of ” Trust Chafee” has more than wore thin from Westerly to a Woonsocket, and that is saying something in a state known for amusing, corrupt politicians. Governor Chafee will be remembered for bad roads, crumbling bridges, bridge tolls, beach fees, and empty 195 land. And those are the highlights. Chafee makes Clay Pell seem intelligent and reasonable. Follow for the final days of Chafee.