Fung not done

Who said it was over? Cranston Mayor Fung feels the ” big mo” as the latest Brown Poll has him in a dead heat with Gina Raimondo. Huh? Exactly. Brown had him 11 points behind Miss Wall Street last week, then Brown decided maybe they should Poll outside of Thayer street. Fung is suddenly in a tie for the lead with 6 days to go, which would explain the full scale panic by team Raimondee. Most candidates pivot to the center after wining the primary but Raimondo took a hard left, which has ” left” her scrambling in the final days. The abortion fiasco and being tossed out by La Salle has hurt Gina and she has yet to return to form. Fung has 5 days to seal the deal and as Joe Fleming likes to say Fung has a ” path to victory.” The Democrats are pulling out all the stops as Hillary came by and now the state is ready for Team Obama to try and rescue Raimondo. ” Hi Neighbor” has turned into ” see you later “, as the Democrats seem to be dropping like flies from the  Raimondo campaign. Bob Healey is gaining in the polls but he seems to now be hurting both Fung and  Gina. Will Raimondo blow the election? Follow for the latest.

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