Election or coronation ?

Was there an election and I missed it? While the Fung campaign has been sleeping since the primary, the general election has turned into a ” coranation ” for General Treasurer Gina Raimondo.  Democrats  around the country seem to fear the ” Obama-virus” hitting their district more than Ebola spreading, but in Rhode Island a Democrat arriving in Air Force 1 is always welcomed. First Hillary hit town, and now both the President and First Lady will make their way into the air space at TF Green in support of Gina for Governor. Although Mayor Fung has countered with Mitt and Christy, the Fung campaign has not managed to lay a glove on Raimondo. Unremarkable TV spots, poor planning in late debates and inability to gain any traction have plagued the Fung campaign. Raimondo spent too much money in the primary, had a terrible misstep with Planned Parenthood, and went underground for 3 weeks, yet has managed to lineup a grand finale to slam home the election on November 4. While Team Fung seems still unsure what to do about Healey and are wasting time complaining about the Brown Poll, team Raimondo seems ready to pick the drapes for the 3rd floor on Smith Hill. Fung would need to “channel Reagan” in order to change the Raimondo momentum in the final 2 debates. In debate last week, Raimondo seemed nervous and under the weather, yet manage to sting Fung with a right-cross on the police scandal. Fung let a golden opportunity get away by being passive and not changing the tone of the campaign. Fung has an incredible challenge with Healey hanging around and grabbing 9% for having long hair. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.