Will the unions unite behind Gina?

All for Gina?

A spilt primary becomes a Raimondo win.

Pell finds 3.4 million ways to ruin Angel.

Bad blood in union ranks over Pell campaign.

The unions are fighting and that meant good news for Gina Raimondo as she crushed her opposition by 13 points in the primary. Can Labor unite behind their Democrat candidate or will  they sit out the election? Angel Taveras was leading in the polls until Clay-boy Pell arrived on the scene and start to ” burn” thru some of his Pell money. Raimondo seems to be trying to reach out to various leaders by not rubbing in the fact she has beaten them once again. One union leader attempted to spin Angel was ” unelectable” and thus they had no choice but to get behind Pell. A divided Labor is good for a potential new Governor coming in with a chance to make allies in the divided ranks. Team Angel is reportedly still seething at the fact Pell cost them the primary with his foolish attempt at  winning the race at age 32. Follow DePetro.com and listen to John DePetro on WPRO.

He lost