Angel needs a guardian angel

Mayor of Providence under attack.

Should Angel slam Cianci? Raimondo ? Pell?

Angel, ” I saved Providence.”

 Providence Mayor Angel Taveras had his “bell rung”
this week and seems to be getting hit on all ends with no end in sight to the “incoming.” Is Angel running against Gina , Buddy or both? Taveras has been leading in polls for the democrat primary, however it is clear Clay Pell is pulling voters away from Angel, and impacting Taveras much more than Gina Raimondo. Taveras is now dealing with the ” buddy factor” in the race with Cianci slamming Providence as a city that is a mess with crime and potholes. Cianci factor.The Cianci supporters were all over the news saying they need the 73 year old two time felon to run for Mayor to ” save the city,” while Angel is running TV spots claiming Taveras “saved Providence.” Huh? There is no end in sight for the constant media attention on the Cianci campaign, which highlights a city in dire need of “leadership” ,a new direction, and lower taxes. All the talk of “Providence is a mess,”  also hurts the Solomon campaign who is fighting to win the democrat primary in September. The Raimondo campaign now has the luxury to sit back , stay positive , and hold off on any negative campaign ads against Angel as a Cianci is proving to be a one man ” wrecking crew” regarding Taveras and his bid for governor. Who will be the next mayor of Providence? Cianci got more press in 3 days than the rest of the field combined so far this election season, and will continue to get more if he keeps mentioning the ” Foxy Lady.” Will  the November  election results bring Rhode Island Governor Raimondo and Mayor Cianci? Follow for the latest.