Who is the FBI target?

In for a penny….

Is it a ” Fox hunt” or a larger target in play? Rumors have filled the street that the FBI has set their sights on a major larger target than former speaker Gordon Fox. The FBI raided the state house on Friday along with the Fox home. The raid seems to have been an unprecedented show of force designed to ” send a message” to a larger target. If the Feds will raid the state house, would they hesitate to raid a congressional office? Probably not. Any sense of ” not guilty” went out the window when Fox resigned within 24 hours of the raid. Sources say the FBI knew what they were looking for and they hit the jackpot. Fox seemed to know what agents were looking for and seemed like a burned defensive back on a ” Hail Mary” pass in the end zone . So who is the target? Is the target a member of the ” velvet mafia?” Sources say there are several players involved and there is no way Fox was a ” lone wolf.” Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the FBI investigation.

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