Exclusive : Marked bills at center of FBI raid on Fox

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Photo by John DePetro

Sources close to the investigation that led to the FBI raid on the home and state house office of former speaker Gordon Fox, tell DePetro.com a person cooperating with the FBI passed Fox ” marked bills of cash “. It has been over a week since the raid and law enforcement has been silent regarding the investigation. A source close to the speaker says a person ” close to Fox” was cooperating with the FBI and passed Fox ” marked bills”. A source says authorities then somehow ” lost” Fox , but knew the ” marked cash “was either at his home or state house office. The head of the state police told the Projo, ” Mr Fox knows exactly why we were there, and if we hesitated, we may have lost it.”In Police corruption investigations, many times  a cooperating informant agrees to be both wired and filmed, passing ” marked bills” to another,( Marked bills.. ) The authorities can then show a jury a ” before” and ” after ” regarding the cash. The person who reportedly passed the cash to Fox is someone he has known and worked with for many years, ( we have decided  not to reveal his name at this time). It is unknown if the cash was intended for Fox, or for someone else.  It would not be easy to get a judge to give permission for search warrants on Fox’s home or state house office, but the ” marked  bills” would make a convincing case.  Gordon Fox has not been charged or indicted in this investigation, although he did step down as speaker. It remains unclear how many individuals are under investigation or who the larger ” target” may be. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the investigation.

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