Is Mayor Fung done?

Seems like yesterday

Cranston Mayor under fire in ” ticket blitz”.

When does the campaign start?

Where is the ” mystery woman”?

Can Fung make it around the ” Block”?

Cranston Mayor Allan  Fung announced a run for Governor, then all hell broke loose. Since the problems with his Cranston  police force have been made public, Fung has gone underground and hardly seems like an active candidate for Governor. The Fung campaign has become statements by campaign manager Pat Sweeney, in an effort to remain alive. Ken Block seems to be making the most of the Fung/Police scandal by just being visible and available to the media . Although Sweeney is competent and able, Fung is still unknown and needs to be the one out in front of the media. If Mayor Fung is unable to control his police force, is it possible he is really ready to run the state? A major problem Fung has is the state police investigation itself. He has no control over how long it goes, or where it goes. There is no reason to think the investigation will end anytime soon, which makes it difficult to run for any office( let alone governor). Ken Block is an opportunist, who has made a series of smart calculated decisions. He has obviously learned a tremendous amount from his failed 2010 run, and has hit the ground running this time around. Block still has a long way to go to win the GOP primary against Fung, but he has positioned himself as a very savy opponent. Follow for the latest on campaign 2014.

Ken Block
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