Christmas tree controversy in Rhode Island 2013

Sorry, no room for Christmas.

The battle for Christmas 2013.

How will Governor Gump bungle it this year?

Chafee has two more years to deny Christmas.

Is there a Cranston controversy?

Chafee tries to lure veterans to call it ” hero” tree.

It the most wonderful time of the year, unless you are “Scrooge” Chafee. Governor Chafee is set to go down as the worst governor in the history of Rhode Island and his legacy will be the ” Holiday Tree”. Not gay marriage, and not improving the economy. The one thing people will remember about Governor Gump, (with the exceptions of liberal media losers like Scott MacKay), was his insistence on calling a Christmas Tree a ” holiday ” tree. What will the Gumpster call it this year?  In 2011, John DePetro led a group of 500 carolers who sang ” O’ Christmas Tree” at the tree lighting ceremony. In 2012, Gump quickly lit the tree with little warning while DePetro was on the radio.One veteran claims the governor is already tying to get around it by calling it a ” hero” tree. A flyer went out in Cranston for a ” tree lighting” ceremony, but Mayor  Fung claims it was an error and it is a Christmas tree. Follow for the latest on the controversy.

John DePetro on Fox


Gov Gump

John DePetro on Fox