Republican Mayor effort shot down in election

Bullet of bad news 

Republicans misfire helping  Fountaine in Woonsocket.

Assault Rifle raffle claims first victim.

Fung/ Block ticket for 2014? 

Where was Smiley? Home on the range?

Woonsocket becomes RI-GOP Alamo.


The Rhode Island Republican Party had quite a gun party when they should have been on the streets of Woonsocket helping Mayor Leo Fountaine . The RI-GOP are on the verge of losing an important city to a democrat, with the race for governor 12 months away. The GOP has been helped having Republican mayors in Warwick, Cranston and Woonsocket.   Fountaine campaign workers needed help with the election but were pushed aside for the raffle.  Where was Chairman Smiley? Why did they not use the press coverage they received to help Mayor Leo? The republicans ” thanked” the media for selling out the raffle, but  they should have directed the attention to help the race in Woonsocket. Having a Republican mayor in Woonsocket is valuable to a struggling party and all efforts should have been made to help Fountaine. The gang that ” cannot shoot straight” continues to misfire. The party needs to convince Dougherty, Loughlin, Hinckley , Robitaille and Sue Stenhouse to run for some elected office in 2014. Alan Fung and Dawson Hodgeson cannot do it alone, and should not be set up as ” sacrificial lambs”.The Republicans cannot afford to be a party of ” one run and done”, like waking up with a bad hangover.  Mike Stenhouse should be courted to run for either Mayor of Cranston or to run against Langevin. All efforts should be made to get Ken Block to run for LT. governor on a ticket with Mayor Fung. Now is the window of opportunity. The country and state are a mess. If not now, then when? Follow for the 2014 race.

. Nice job in woonsocket