FBI go after Baccari on Nort Providence

Prison time?


Feds want to nail “infamous”developer.

“Somebody is talking to FBI.”

Mineral Spring becomes ” Black Rock North”.

The FBI has gone after one of the biggest fish in the “Rhody pond” of corruption. Richard Baccari ,formerly of Downing Corporation, has been indicted in connection with the North Providence bribery scandal. Baccari was the developer behind the Stop and Shop project that has resulted in jail time for members of the Town council. Baccari has always been one step ahead of the law for years going back to dealings with Ed Diprete.  Rumors have swirled for years regarding Baccari but it seemed he had escaped jail once again. It seems ” somebody is talking” or it could be many are talking. Will the Feds finally get Baccari? Follow DePetro.com for the latest. 

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