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Need $1000 to hit April fundraising goal

Thank you to everyone who has donated to make thrive and come alive. In order to run and maintain, we need to raise a certain amount each month. We are close to our April goal, but need your help. Please use the PayPal on the right side of the page or send a check/money today to
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The goal of is to be an alternative source of news other than the liberal media dominating our region.  We need a local type of “Fox News ” that is not catering to the politically correct. Thank you and donate today. If you support President Obama, do not donate. If you support Governor Chafee, do not donate. If you support the ACLU, illegals, atheists , welfare cheats, frauds, corrupt politicians ,and the liberal media , do not donate. If you support people who want to take your weapons away and attack the NRA, do not donate.