Gofundme for Providence cop suspended over Sayles street

Officer Patrick Hourahan of the Providence Police has been suspended for ten days over the June 29, incident on Sayles street. Hourahan was deemed ” too aggressive” by Mayor Elorza who insisted he wanted him suspended. Supporters have jumped into action with a GoFundMe page.

Officer Hourahan is an outstanding Providence Police Officer. He unfortunately had to respond to a disturbance call on Sayles Street where two house were fighting with each other. Providence Police, including Officer Hourahan did an excellent job dispersing a large disorderly and uncooperative crowd. While dispersing the crowd, they attacked and fought Police. Officer Hourahan was on the front lines of crowd control and after fighting a group of people he shouted “Who wants some more”. Four words! Those words were used to help deter the crowd from away from attacking police further. However, those four words were too much for Mayor Elorza and Commissioner Pare. Somehow, using words during a brawl with uncooperative people can not be tolerated anymore and they suspended Officer Hourahan for doing exactly what he was trained to do. Officer Hourahan will not receive his pay for over two weeks. He can not do details or overtime. This page is set up to help him with his unfair suspension and show the leaders of Providence that we stand together with Officer Hourahan and the Providence Police Department. The GoFundMe account raised close to $9,000 in two hours. It is here: https://gofund.me/e6d46a1c