Judge Chiefy to hold court in strip club


All rise, Chiefy is back. Judge Frank “Chiefy” Williams has a new gig where he will “hold court” at the Wild Zebra Strip club in Providence. In a bizarre arrangement,  Judge Chiefy Williams will have free reign with a VIC pass (Very Important Chiefy) to try and reign in alleged prostitution at the old cheaters for a full year. Chiefy will have to explain to the strippers (without objections) what is allowed and what would be a motion denied. If this is not the most embarrassing story during a pandemic I am not sure what is.  Only in Rhode Island would you see a judge walking around in his robe in the all nude room examining how the girls perform lapdances. Is that a gavel or are you glad to see me? What would Abe Lincoln do? As if the workers at that club need him explaining what sex is? And if any girls complain, the club could lose their license. The Projo broke the story here: https://www.providencejournal.com/story/news/courts/2020/11/18/wilwild-zebra-strip-club-red-zebra-strip-club-reaches-agreement-city-reopen-consents-year-monitoring/6338933002/