Video: Media protect thugs who invaded Federal Hill

this child was the target.

The actions of the ” peaceful protesters” Monday night on Federal Hill were bad enough but what was worse was the media cover-up that followed. One clueless cackling talk host said the protesters were ” having a discussion with diners on Federal Hill and maybe calling them Karen.” The Providence Journal showed a group of protesters sitting down having a ” powerful moment of silence.” The only accurate reporting was on The following videos and pictures show the young family the mob chose to harass and threaten until they left with ” Bitch, go home.” The mob leaders also threatened all diners with ” we are on your racist ass.” The media narrative led by the babbling cackle was just a group of kids who were quietly praying on Federal Hill when they were badgered by white diners attempting to enjoy Providence Restaurant week. The truth needs to come out on these rude, arrogant, selfish punks. No mention by the Projo or the cackle of the vulgar language or a mob of over 100 people threatening the rest of the crowd unless then young family left. Watch the two videos below and decide for yourself.

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