COVID-19 enters the Cranston Mayoral race

No hugs, no handshakes and no kissing babies. In the current climate, many admit it is definitely a challenge to run for office during a pandemic but Cranston hopeful Michael “Duke” Farina has brought it to the absurd. In what many people first thought was a man wearing men’s briefs to rob the Citizens bank at Park and Reservoir has turned out to be perhaps the most insensitive political stunt we have seen in a long time. Face-coverings and masks have become essential during the current health crisis and many first responders find they are in short supply. Leave it to Farina ( close pal of Speaker Mattiello) to drag cheap, trash politics into what is a life and death situation worldwide.

To say it is insensitive to bribe residents with a PPE that has a campaign logo on it is putting it mildly. To pose like a bank robber in action makes it even more frightful. Not only can Farina not spell ( if youse are in need or if your in needs) but at a time many cities fear social unrest, this stunt propels him to the front of the line for stupidity.  Farina has done the voters a favor by letting them know now the type of idiot they would have in charge of the city if he was actually elected.