Speaker threatened Convention Center,” I will put an enema up their ass!”

Speaker Nick Mattiello made it very clear the week of December 16, there would be consequences if the Rhode Island Convention Center removed his good pal(head of security)  Jim Demers. Mattiello was advised by a convention center board member that Demers was on the verge of being suspended (and most likely fired) after a pattern of highly inappropriate emails and questionable behavior were attributed to Demers.

Mattiello crew member Demers

  The Speaker was very clear in his threat of extortion that if Demers was suspended, there were be consequences for the Convention Center Authority. ” I will stick an enema up their ass if they fuck with me or my crew and Jim is part of my crew.” Demers was suspended, and on December 23, “an enema” in the form of an audit was ordered by the Speakers right hand man, Frank “Sammy the bull” Montanaro.  Demers is a friend, neighbor and campaign contributor to Speaker Mattiello. In 2018, Mattiello tried to help Demers son Garrett get on the Rhode Island State Police, despite the fact Garrett Demers had over twenty five run-ins with police and had been arrested.

After that failed, the Speaker hired Garrett Demers to an unlisted part-time(no show) State House job of $45,000. Demers was suspended along with Amanda Marzullo Wilmouth. This story is developing. To find out the latest, listen to the John DePetro Radio Show.