FBI catches Sheldon Whitehouse encouraging fake Kavanaugh accuser over Newport boat rape


Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has been snagged by the FBI for encouraging a Judge Brett Kavanaugh accuser to exploit and embellish a fake story rape story to the media. Documents show Whitehouse has admitted to the FBI he told a Rhode Island man to tell a reporter Kavanaugh was involved with a brutal rape aboard a boat in Newport Rhode Island in 1985. 

” a reporter who might investigate the allegation”

The man who made the false claim is facing Federal charges but is cooperating with authorities. The man told the FBI he contacted Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about a possible  story involving Brett  Kavanaugh  raping a woman, along with Mark Judge, in Newport in 1985. The unidentified man now has apologized but told authorities Whitehouse encouraged him to “make noise” to the media, instructed him to  contact a certain liberal reporter and “drop a bomb”on Kavanaugh the night before the hearing involving Dr. Ford. 

why would he ” referred the accuser to a reporter”

The man has told authorities he was not exactly certain about the details but that Senator Whitehouse encouraged him to run with the story anyway.  Senator Whitehouse embarrassed himself on the national stage by grilling Judge Kavanaugh about farting and high school drinking games. Saturday Night Live even did a parody mocking Senator Whitehouse about asking about high school jokes. 

Yes or no, did you fart in high school?

Senator Whitehouse sits on the Senate Judiciary and could face ramifications from the FBI. Senator Whitehouse refuses to comment on the strategy to encourage fake accusations in an attempt to block Judge Kavanaugh and refuses to identify the reporter he referred. Whitehouse announced in August he would vote no on Kavanaugh before any hearings were held and he would “block every Judge Trump send to me no matter what the cost.” We now know it even means making up fake rape stories in Newport. Listen to the John DePetro Radio Show for the latest.