Can Speaker Mattiello survive the latest scandal?

Speaker with 3rd vice chair of the party

 While Rep. Tanzi decided to go public with her allegations over “sex for legislation,” many questions remained concerning the atmosphere on Smith Hill. Should Tanzi reveal who was the person in position of power who told her how to get her ” bills to move forward?” When did this happen?  Who was Speaker at the time? Was there any “insane amounts of drinking” involved? Why does she think people “would not believe her” or take her seriously? Has she heard of other women being treated this way? Is she inferring that some women go along with it? Has she seen examples where others got their “bills moved forward” by providing sexual favors?

hand shakes and hugs

Nicky, the Ghost and Joe Bev

 Queena seems intent on not letting the Speaker slip away this time. The Tanzi allegations are more along the lines of extortion and bribery of a public official. The sexual nature of it makes it into sexual harassment, but it seems far more complicated when you are discussing legislation. It was bad enough when the Speaker stole the election from Frias, but things seem to have reached a boiling point.

in jail

the right hand man with free tuition

 Looks like another strike against the Mattiello crime family. Several members are in prison or getting out of prison. Rigged elections, stealing college tuition, and now “sex for legislation.” What a legacy! Amazon must be beating down the doors of the state trying to get in. Listen to the John DePetro Show to get the latest.

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