John DePetro radio weekdays from 9:am-noon on WPRO

John DePetro 

Tune in weekdays from 9:am til 12:noon to hear John DePetro on WPRO radio, either 99.7 FM or 630 AM. The show is entertaining and informative, discussing the news of the day with caller interaction. The John DePetro show is fast paced, laced with humor and information. DePetro has been the leader on the airwaves against local government corruption, illegal immigration , political correctness, insider deals, and cruelty to animals. Recently, DePetro rallied a packed house at the RISPCA against the owner of a dog( Moses)  that was starved to death. It was DePetro that led of crowd of 725 people against Governor Chafee and his ” Holiday tree.” DePetro also led a rally of over 2,000 at the Rhode Island state house against illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition at local colleges. A group of corrupt politicians and sleazy union bosses tried to silence the popular, outspoken talk leader, but the citizens would not allow it , and their corrupt effort failed. When Governor Chafee began his war on Christmas, it was John DePetro that won the battle on the airwaves and appearing on Fox News Channel. 

Fox News 

John DePetro has been listed by both Talkers Magazine and Newsmax in 2015 as one of the top radio talk host in the country. DePetro has been voted ” Best talk show” by the readers of Rhode Island monthly magazine , as well as being named ” Best  talk show” by the Associated Press. DePetro has also been heard filling in on the nationally syndicated ” Savage Nation” with listenership of 10 million people across the country.